Hey, I'm Jack and this is my Animal Crossing blog. My native fruit is oranges, and my current villagers are Sydney, Ankha, Puddles, Frita, Wolfgang, Diva, Stinky, and Aurora.


#realising that i was still alive hurt like shit #realising the voices are still here was even worse

so im alive and out of hospital

i guess

#sorry #tw

they win

im sosorry

Nonono, dont think like that. I'm sure it isnt

i. wish i knew

Don't apologise its not your fault, okay?

im edsure it is

Shh its okay, they wont, they cant. Is there anyone you could call and speak too? Or someone you could go and sit with for a while and just talk with for a while?

i dpont k.now im sorry

Hey don't be sorry, it'll be okay

i dint know if iyvwill

i dlont wannt to k i l lmtself but tbehre gonna make.me help hel l pkm sxxaeed s ckdd.

Please dont do anything silly! I know im an anon but im always here to talk to okay?

anom im reslly sorry i am im so scsred